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One of the biggest lures of an apprenticeship is the opportunity to gain on-the-job training and relevant experience, as well as a wealth of transferable skills and an up to date reference; all of which are highly attractive to an employer.

Apprenticeships are not the only way to get experience.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to get on-the job experience. You can connect with a cause that you feel strongly about or something which is similar to, or in the sector you wish to work in. Giving up a little of your free time can be incredibly rewarding and not just because you are doing something good for your community. Volunteer work is exactly the same as paid work on a CV and can very often be the bridge between unpaid, part time hours and a fulfilling, full-time, paid opportunity that you love.

You would be amazed at the volunteering opportunities available in your area. Find out more here. Read our volunteer’s stories here:

Work Experience

If you have just left school the chances are that you have already undertaken a couple of weeks work experience. However many organisations are open to the idea of helping you to get a little more experience in a job or sector which you might be interested in.

Work Placements

Like work experience, a placement is an opportunity to work for an organisation for free to gain specialised and relevant skills. If you are considering a work placement or experience as a stepping-stone back into employment consider the following:

  • What skills will I gain from this?
  • Is this in the industry I am looking for work in / are there transferable skills to be learned here?
  • Is it likely to affect my benefits (check with your JCP advisor)?
  • How long do I intend to do this for?
  • Does this work for me?

Remember you can contact your local Employment & Skills representative to discuss any and all of these opportunities to ensure you are following a career path that works for YOU.

Check out Lulu’s story about her experience with work placements:

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