Gaining qualifications


Nationally recognised qualifications come in all shapes and sizes and it is easy to be put-off by the thought of undertaking a ‘qualification’.

With a quality course, materials and a qualified, motivated and experienced tutor or instructor, there is no reason why you cannot further your career by gaining a qualification. If you have the want, we can help you find the how.

More and more agencies are making use of government funding and are helping unemployed people to gain valuable qualifications such as:

  • First Aid
  • Level II Food Safety qualification
  • CSCS Construction Site Safety training
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages)

Types of accredited training

  • Short courses – for example, First Aid. These usually last 1 – 3 days and are 9am-5pm in small groups with an experienced qualified instructor who wants to see you pass the course.
  • Longer courses – these can be weeks or months, such as ESOL, where you may attend college or a community centre 1-2 days a week.
  • Distance Learning – reading up on the materials at home and / or working on computer software and attending an assessment centre for a final test or exam. Sometimes the CSCS qualification is taught this way.
  • Modular courses such as NVQs are work-specific and often completed while in work or in a working environment.

Circle Housing has helped hundreds of people to access accredited training in the past year. You are not on your own – remember – we want to find what works for you so why not contact us to find out more about your options.

Or, talk to National Careers Service for free advice from a qualified careers advisor.

If you are interested in higher education and further professional development, please go to our Skills Hub.

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