Barbican Ambassador Opportunities

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What is the Barbican?

The Barbican is Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue presenting a diverse range of art, music, film, theatre, dance and creative learning events. It is also home to the London Symphony Orchestra.

How does the Ambassadors scheme work?

The Ambassadors brings together a team of individuals from the general public to help promote, evaluate and document various shows in the Barbican’s programme.


Who are the Barbican Ambassadors?

Individuals aged 18+ who would like to support the Barbican;

A group representative of the diversity of people found in the boroughs;

A linguistically mixed group that possesses the ability to reach out at culturally specific meetings;

Primarily inhabitants of Barking & Dagenham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Waltham Forrest, Islington, Newham, City;

Individuals who have a passion for the arts and community;

A team willing to learn about the Barbican and its mission, values and culture and help others to learn and engage;

Individuals who enjoy socialising and networking as part of a team;

Individuals who are enthusiastic, creative and excellent communicators.


Ambassador Role Description

Promotion and Events

Keep up to date about our events so that you can mention them to your friends, family and people you engage with;

Build general brand awareness throughout identified areas through the distribution of unique promotional items;

Attend relevant local and London wide events as representatives of Barbican with a view to embedding awareness of and encouraging attendance at our various projects and events;

Help make each individual interaction special, unique, exciting and memorable;

Be ready to assist disabled members of the public with appropriate information relevant to their specific needs;

Be familiar with the events taking place on the day, and other facilities in the area;

Take part in the briefing at the beginning and end of each session.

Research and Evaluation

Provide the Community Engagement Manager with information on community centres, events in parks, local events and street parties with a particular focus on the East London boroughs

Capture data relating to individuals and feeding this back into the marketing department;

Help to evaluate our events and take part in focus groups;

Keep a log of your activity to be shared with your Team Leader and Community Engagement Manager.

Social Networking

Add content to the Barbican Assembly Facebook group;

Use appropriate hashtags at events and capture events with your phone;

Drive membership to group and fan pages on Facebook;

Create content for Barbican Social Networks (e.g. taking and uploading pictures of events).


What are the advantages?

Be part of the team for our free offsite events

Be the first to hear about new offers and tickets via the Community Manager

Enhance your professional development, leadership, and communication skills

Be eligible to participate in special Barbican events and be considered for internships

Meet other ambassadors exchange ideas on a monthly basis

Get your own Barbican Ambassador uniform

Where possible all staff offers for discounted and free events will be forwarded to the Ambassadors.


Being an active Ambassador will mean that you will gain experience of working with Barbican

You can expect an ongoing relationship with the centre and support in your career in the arts, as well as concessionary rates for Barbican’s events!

If interested please apply via or contact Saeed Jama on 0207 447 3082  if you need assistance with the application.



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