• Sian - a trade and a wage works for me

    A trade and a wage works for me.

    Sian Marketing Apprentice at Circle Housing

Sian's story

Gaining qualifications was only half of Sian’s story, what worked for Sian was getting hands-on experience as an apprentice at Circle Housing.

“Once I’d graduated it soon became clear that it was going to be difficult for me to get a job when I didn’t have any real experience of working. It’s all very well having an education on paper, but you do need real work experience.

What attracted me to the marketing apprenticeship at Circle Housing was the chance to train on the job. I wasn’t expected to actually know anything; I just had to have a real passion for marketing, which I already had. I wanted to learn everything I could really; how marketing plans are implemented, what the strategy’s going to deliver, who your customers are and what you’re supposed to deliver.

Without Circle Housing, I wouldn’t have been able to secure a marketing assistant role because I didn’t have any of the skills that were actually needed to do the job. I think having a marketing team around me that are encouraging and positive and respect my passion to learn really helps as well.

My team are amazing. They’ll do everything they can to support you if you’re passionate about doing well in your job.”



Business Excellence Apprentice at Circle Housing

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