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    Serina Quantity Surveyor Placement at Circle Housing
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Serina's story

It was signing up for a DIY course that led to Serina’s work placement as a quantity surveyor. She hopes her appreciation for pliers and pipe cutters will lead to a full time job in the future.

“I was flicking through the local paper when I saw that Circle Housing was running a women-only DIY course. I liked the sound of it, joined a two-week taster session and have now signed up for Level 1 in Plumbing; all steps leading to my work placement for quantity surveying.

I’m doing that part-time at the moment, three days a week for 8 to 12 weeks. If that works out, I’ll have a new career in the pipeline.

The women-only DIY course was very popular. There were 12 to 14 of us and it was run by a lady called Charmaine who used to be a professional plumber. She told us how people would book her specifically because some people feel more at ease with a woman entering their home.

The great thing about the course was that we were all in the same boat. Many of us didn’t know much about DIY because it just wasn’t our thing. Now I feel more knowledgeable and more confident. I’ve recommended the course to my sisters and all my female friends.”



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