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    Turning someone’s life around works for me

    Rachel R Operations Coordinator at Evolve

Rachel's story

As the operations coordinator for social enterprise Evolve, Rachel supports the construction shared apprenticeship scheme by recruiting apprentices and coaching them to be interview-ready. Managing placements with different contractors and focusing on pastoral care all helps to turn their lives around.

“One of the biggest benefits of using Evolve as a contractor is that we take full responsibility for the apprentice. They’re employed on our payroll system, we offer them full HR support and if they’re struggling with personal issues, we can help those with that too.

This means there’s no real risk for the contractor and when they’re on site, they’re fully focused on what they’re doing.

Importantly, we also help with CV preparation and interview skills. I recently accompanied an apprentice to an interview, giving me the opportunity to discuss the benefits of Evolve with the contractor and offer the apprentice additional support during the interview process. They were offered a placement, which was the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Quite often, the apprentices we work with haven’t found success in an academic environment and don’t feel as if they have much of a future. We take that apprentice and find them work on site, in an environment where they can really excel. From feeling quite hopeless, we can help them see that there are prospects available and that they can turn their lives around.”



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