• Louis

    Getting a trade works for me.

    Louis Maintenance Operative Apprentice at Circle Housing

Louis' story

Louis hopes the skills he’s picked up as a maintenance operative apprentice at Circle Housing will help him work his way up the ladder.

“My typical day? I arrive at the yard, get a hot chocolate, pick up the materials I know I’m going to need and then it’s down to the first job of the day. I’ve learned loads of new skills since starting here, how to do the silicone around the baths, the best ways of filling holes around the property and lots of other stuff.

When I saw this apprenticeship come up I knew it would be a good job, so I went for it. If one of my friends asked, I’d say get into an apprenticeship because it’s really helpful and you get paid to learn. You can’t argue with that, and it’s definitely helped my CV.

I’ll be getting an NVQ Diploma soon which shows I’m willing to learn, and I’m picking up new skills every day: plumbing, carpentry, brick laying and painting and decorating. Hopefully I can go on to property maintenance once I’m fully qualified and work my way up from there.

My life does look different now. This apprenticeship has given me more skills, more training and I believe it’s really going to help me go far in the future.”



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