• Jeff - investing in our future workforce works for me

    Investing in our future workforce works for me.

    Jeff Community Investment Manager at Higgins Construction

Jeff's story

As a community investment manager for one of Circle Housing’s main contractors, Jeff knows a thing or two about apprenticeships and the benefits they can bring to a business.

“As one of Circle Housing’s main building contractors, our focus is on the regeneration of the local community, rather than just the bricks and mortar. So our agenda is to get people back into the world of work, using construction as the steppingstone to improve their long-term prospects.

My experience of working with apprentices is that, yes, it can be hard work, but when you get the right one, the rewards can be brilliant. I can take on an apprentice electrician and in five years’ time they can become a trainee site foreman for the company.

I do see it as our social responsibility to help change an individual’s life and give them the opportunity to shine. We provide them with skills, a good work ethic, qualifications and helping them move up the ladder. It’s key that as a big employer you put something back into the community.

Circle Housing works very closely with a social enterprise called Evolve which vets, recruits and then refers apprentices to a contractor for an interview. Their passion and commitment goes a long way towards identifying the right person and it’s this approach to partnership working that puts Circle Housing ahead of its competitors in this field.”



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